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Monaco 1985

Located in Monaco, Fides Invest is an privately owned trust company, specialised in business consulting, Tax administration and real estate advisory. With over 30 years experience in the principality and with an extensive expertise in wealth management and an international network ranging from the UAE to the USA and China. We assist our client’s needs and propose tailor-made solutions with a assurance of excellence at each step of the service delivery process.

Our Services


Investment opportunities

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Tax advice

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We establish a mapping of your wealth to guide you effectively in optimizing your time and your money. We target the best suppliers and negotiate the best rates. Our independence is a security of our objectivity. Our only purpose is your only interest. Our fees are totally transparent and evaluate with you before each mission.We guarantee you an absolute confidentiality on all the information in our ownership.


The Team

Marco Meneghini

Mr. Meneghini born in Trieste Italy, moved his residence to Monaco in1985. He has studied international Business at EBS London
Ever since his experience has been mainly in the high-end luxury sector, mainly in the Nautical industry – where he has matured 20 years experience both as top management, and later as entrepreneur creating companies during the high growth of the industry which he later sold.
His portfolio of clients and experience in Monaco motivated him to create FIDES in 2007 as personal advisory for private investors wanting to find business opportunities in Monaco tailored to their needs.
Member of the Yacht Club de Monaco since 2006
Vice President of the Monte Carlo Polo Team and Association


Fides invests directly in all opportunities along with our investors. We do not promote investments we do not strongly believe in.



Through its partners Fides can give access to hedge funds, asset managers as well as the creation of special purpose investment funds. Our independent status gives us the flexibility to strategies among these always negotiating the best rates for our clients.

Commodity Industry

Fides is active in the definition, financing and implementation of important projects in the commodity sectors.

Engineering & Technology Solutions

Fides team comprises brilliant engineers who are engaged in the development of new opportunistic technology in the Automotive industry.

Luxury Industry

Fides experience in the high end luxury sector – enables our clients to access opportunities in the high end precious stones market, the nautical sector as well as the high end automotive market.

Nautical Industry

Fides team has over 40 years compound experience in the high end Nautical industry sector – there Fides is able to offer important strategic insight for the development of new brands, the restructuring and re-launching of existing brands as well as the support and commercial development of all investors looking to enter this market.

Real Estate

Real estate is a unique asset class as it offers a variety of risk return profiles for our investors, ranging from opportunistic strategies to value preserving ones.


Current situation

Since the start of the financial crisis prime real estate has offered a safe harbor to those investors looking for capital preservation. Conversely the intrinsic illiquid nature of the asset class combined with the reduced availability of debt financing during most part of the crisis offered unprecedented opportunities to take advantage of market dislocation.

What we offer

We coordinate the contacts with various local and foreign authorities in order to save your time and administrative costs and also to ensure compliance with Monegasque laws and regulations.


Structuring &

Fides works hand in hand with their clients in order to access opportunistic or value preserving investments.

We give access to our investment opportunities through club deals or we offer opportunities Taylor made to the portfolio of our investors
Our internal expertise enables us to design the best processes for the success of each venture

Opportunity > Analysis > Strategy Definition > Structuring > Offer
> Implementation > Management

We implement regular reports to increase the transparency and provide you performance analysis. This practice gives you a complete overview on investments and ensure measures for risk control.

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